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Debbie Berk: the story of life

Short biography:

The daughter of an abusive, alcoholic father Debbie Berk was born in Ohio in 1969 as the oldest of five children. She married in 1992, gave birth in 1993 and 1996. She has two grown step-sons and two step grandchildren. She’s had a lifelong battle with depression and has been writing since childhood. Her writing is a way of coping with the effects of the physical, mental and sexual abuse she endured as a child and throughout her teen years as well as her struggles with depression, anxiety and with the death of her father in May of 2008.


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The Rainbow’s End by Lena Vanelslander

The Rainbow’s end is a returning piece treating specific writers, known and lesser known, published or self-published. Each time one writer stands in the spotlight, presented to you through 4 essential aspects: biography, core questions, poetry and a piece on the work of the author.

The end of the rainbow is the place where author and reader meet, in mutual understanding, intrest, ideas and visions. Where they can find each other, both in similarities and differences, under the extravagant assembly of the colours of life and maybe find that common pot of gold, for each other to read and understand.

I hope I can fascinate you with their poetry and writing and maybe even encourage you to read their work, as The Rainbow’s End does give you a full, essential profile of both author and work, concise, to the point and dedicated to you, beloved readers. All comments and questions are welcome, conversation with the author is encouraged!


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