Poetry # 135

In this issue a couple of poetic doctors publically and fictionally breach the doctor-patient confidentiality, college professors profess a professional admiration for sadism. Although these poems smell like Marlboro Menthol Lights, I assure you they are Reds. Your respiratory system has no chance. Yours truly, Luis Rivas Amber Bromer Henry Ajumeze Almighty Editors of PoemsContinue reading “Poetry # 135”

Poetry # 133

Once upon a time immigrants had some radical ideas on labor, rights, democracy and society overall.  In May of 1886 in the cold streets of Chicago, they organized for the eight-hour workday and eventually were hanged.  Italians, Germans, Americans.  Anarchists, Socialists, Activists: Immigrants, all of them.  This issue has nothing to do with that whatsoever.  Happy May andContinue reading “Poetry # 133”

Poetry #132

We’re going to start this off with an apologize on my behalf for being late. March’s issue has transformed into April’s issue.  It was magic. So, without further ado, we present you with bittersweet Johnnies, unknown killers, future literary divebar loners, readers of Kafka and Grouche Marx (that other Marxist) and quiet-minded genuises that speak without moving theirContinue reading “Poetry #132”

Poetry # 129

In this chubby issue, Amber and myself bring you a greasy plate spilling over the sides with frightening and friendly ex-lovers, cold and calculating Canadians, documentarians of debauchery, nicotine fiends, odorous loners and overall disturbed and creative individuals, comforting themselves with the cuddly lie that just because I write about madness does not make meContinue reading “Poetry # 129”

Pushcart Nominations 2010

The votes are cast and the stamp is licked.  The best poems and stories on Gloom Cupboard for 2010 have been nominated.  Since 1976, the Pushcart Prize has been awarded to the best “poetry, short fiction, essays or literary whatnot”. Founded by such famous persons as Buckminster Fuller, Joyce Carol Oates, Ralph Ellison, and GordonContinue reading “Pushcart Nominations 2010”