Social-Networking Fatigue: A Status Update

by Greg Oguss & Richard Wink   When we deleted our Twitter accounts last week to take a break from the tweeting-blogging-yelping rat race, we were in good company. The ubiquitous Miley Cyrus became slightly less so that same week by deleting her own account. Her father Billy Ray (a.k.a. @AchyBreakyDad) quickly fired off anContinue reading “Social-Networking Fatigue: A Status Update”

Fire and Rain (Vol I) by RD Armstrong

Poets can express a lot in few words and a little in a lot of words … Since the first kind appeals most to my mind most poetry I will appreciate is short, to the point, brief, concise and preferably with wit or irony. But to quote R.M. Engelhardt on this matter: ‘there is stillContinue reading “Fire and Rain (Vol I) by RD Armstrong”

Roundtable: Transglobal Edition

Welcome one and all to the inaugural Roundtable, where we the Gloom Cupboard Editorial Team chew over various pressing matters. On the panel today we have Dorla Moorehouse (DM), Greg Oguss (GO), Jude Dillon (JD), Lena Vanelslander (LV), Richard Wink (RW) and Stuart Sharp (SS). Let’s Get Down to Business: What are your opinions onContinue reading “Roundtable: Transglobal Edition”

A.J. Kaufmann: The Bard of Poznan

We last chewed the fat in June 2008 . What have you been up to since then? Well, first of all I’ve had two more chapbooks published with Kendra Steiner Edtions, “Antiquewhite Rain” inspired by the German rocker Inga Rumpf and “Symbolisme Psychedelique”, dedicated to Sky Sunlight Saxon, who sadly passed away this June… bothContinue reading “A.J. Kaufmann: The Bard of Poznan”