A Cozy Reader’s Corner Reviews

Reviewed by Tiffany Schlarman  http://acozyreaderscorner.blogspot.com/   “Life in the Slow Lane” is the humorous account of Thomas Sullivan’s  short career in Drivers education. Thomas, who has worked in various industries due to obtaining a Bachelors’ in History with a minor in  Business, a Masters in Agricultural Economics and Associates in  cartography, landed a part timeContinue reading “A Cozy Reader’s Corner Reviews”

Ticks, written by Eric G. Müller

Though I was only ten years old I had a mild crush on Monica, and fantasized running my fingers through her lusciously long, auburn hair, which highlighted the sheen of her pretty face, faintly freckled.  She, however, preferred George, which I accepted with the resignation of a younger brother.  She came to mind as IContinue reading “Ticks, written by Eric G. Müller”

Except from “Fear and Floating in the Schweiz,” written by Cherie Caswell Dost

I will give the Swiss this much; they know how to float. In the nearby town of Zuchwil, there is a sprawling sports center with tennis courts, mini-golf, soccer fields, ice rink, and a maze of pools.  All kinds of pools.  Indoor and outdoor.  Heated and not-heated.  Baby pools and adult-only pools.  So many waysContinue reading “Except from “Fear and Floating in the Schweiz,” written by Cherie Caswell Dost”

Interview with Liese Chavez

Liese Chavez, an emerging artist who uses different medians to expose the visual pleasures of magical realism shares with Gloom Cupboard just what it is that makes her art so unique. M.K. Barnes   How would you say that your art matured over your career, particularly in the past two years? The narrative paintings andContinue reading “Interview with Liese Chavez”

Interview With Kristina Marie Darling

Kristina Marie Darling, a twenty-five year old, two-time Pushcart nominee and author of Fevers and Clocks, Nigh Songs, and Traffic in Women, discusses her personal writing style and breaks down certain aspects of the publishing world for up-and-coming writers. -M.K. Barnes   How do you determine what topics to write about, and how does thisContinue reading “Interview With Kristina Marie Darling”