Zachary Fishel reviews Tea at the Grand Tazi by Alexandra Singer

Alexandra Singer’s new book Tea at the Grand Tazi, is a dervish of underground secrets and a story full of twists and turns that take you through the rough streets of Morocco, a place where few people dare to leave the main drag. The journey unfolds as Maia is referred to an old colleague ofContinue reading “Zachary Fishel reviews Tea at the Grand Tazi by Alexandra Singer”

Jenny Catlin reviews The Last Man by R.L. Swihart

The Last Man R.L. Swihart Kanev Books; March 20, 2012 I am in the habit of agreeing to time consuming tasks that I don’t really have time to complete. The Last Man is one of my recent over extensions but it is also a reminder of why I say yes to most anything written, becauseContinue reading “Jenny Catlin reviews The Last Man by R.L. Swihart”

Christopher Bowen interviews Rebecca Steele!

  The 1920’s and 30’s are two very different eras that depict themselves well in your work.  I find myself going from glamorous, inspiring and lively moods to very moody, ,modest, and misunderstood ones.  A purer example of this may be in two of your 2007 acrylic pieces, American Woman and Lonely Heart.  It seemsContinue reading “Christopher Bowen interviews Rebecca Steele!”

Compendium by Kristina Marie Darling: review by Christopher Bowen

The linguist at play…   Compendium/by Kristina Marie Darling/Cow Heavy Books Kristina Marie Darling compends. She expouts. She uses palimpsest . She goes back and forth covering you compiling these stories. In Compendium from Cow Heavy Books (2011), Darling uses simple stated facts throughout her fiction to bring the reader through the tale then feetContinue reading “Compendium by Kristina Marie Darling: review by Christopher Bowen”