Fiction #130

One time Poetry Editor for Gloom Cupboard, I return to the team as Assistant Fiction Editor. My preference for longer fiction shows in the collection I’ve put together here, but I feel each piece is well worth the ride.   Enjoy! No Hablo Espanol Richard Neumayer The instant we cross the border, Mexicans swarm us.Continue reading “Fiction #130”

RC Miller’s ‘Gore’ – Reviewed by Joseph M. Gant

Gore by RC Miller Calliope Nerve Publications 37 pages. reviewed by Joseph M. Gant Though drawing quite steadily from the vocabulary of contemporary dark verse, RC Miller uses specific surrealism and absurd humor to disarm any preconceptions of the poems in Gore. The turns are sharp, well executed, and refreshing. If there is “shock” inContinue reading “RC Miller’s ‘Gore’ – Reviewed by Joseph M. Gant”

From the Desk of the Poetry Editor

Greetings all. My name is Joseph M. Gant. In addition to being Gloom Cupboard’s new poetry editor, I have been, and still am, Poet in Residence and Poetry Editor for Sex and Murder Magazine as well as a contributor for Outsider Writers Collective. In the coming weeks, I will be going through a large numberContinue reading “From the Desk of the Poetry Editor”

Review of David McLean’s Pushing Lemmings

Pushing Lemmings By David McLean Reviewed by Joseph M. Gant “my blessed devils” i hope the blessed devils and accursed bacteria that live in me scratch runes on my hollow sounding bones that the replete ghouls may read a lesson of profoundest negativity when they plow through the meat machine me and see nothing insideContinue reading “Review of David McLean’s Pushing Lemmings”