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Poetry Issue # 151

I know, I know. What happened to March’s issue? you ask. Well, funny story. I got caught up with school, work, internship and life. Actually, that wasn’t remotely funny one bit.

It’s hard to update the poetry issues regularly, and it’s even harder to do so when you are inundated with really good poetry submissions. It’s a blessing, it’s a curse.

For this month’s issue, we proudly present the sweet smell of Napalm, incredibly long “brief bios” and the crotchless panties made accessible through communism.

So, you know, same old shit here at Gloom Cupboard.

Poetry Editor,

Luis Rivas


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Spring Nonfiction

In keeping with the theme of springtime travel, our current crop of nonfiction comes to us from a distance. The distance is literal, with stories originating in Cuba and the remote Chuvash Republic, in Russia; temporal, in their remembering and refiguring of the past and its losses; and figurative, in absenting the characters from the present—and even from another person. ~T.M. De Vos, Nonfiction Editor



by Elizabeth Hanly

She wouldn’t open the door to me that morning. Not at first. “Delia,” I called.

Neighbors shouted down that I should go away. Delia lives less than a block from Havana’s bay on the second floor of what had long ago been a sumptuous building, in a neighborhood that before the revolution had been caliente with its gangsters and whores and remained so. (more…)

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