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Poetry Issue # 150

Valentine’s Day is a day away. Christopher Jordan Dorner is presumed dead. So let’s take this time now to enjoy some war and destruction poetry by people with names so good they sound fake who address me as “Mr.”

Count how many times god or God is mentioned in this issue. Hint: less than three, more than once.

This semester I’m taking a Chicano studies class on religion and spirituality and last week we learned some Nahuatl terms. The one that stuck out was Tlamatinime, which roughly means poetic theologians. The Tlamatinime were revered as ancient artists who had the divine power to communicate with the world’s energies through creative arts.

Essentially, that has been the permanent task of the poet, either to document and communicate with god-things or document its non-existence.

In longing,

Luis Rivas
Poetry Editor

Valentine Poem for the Tired
By Zach Fishel

Of all the women
I’ve shared
the fragile death
of holding hands
with or the dinners
eaten alone
as the neglected
flowers crumbled
in their vases
with the wasting of
time Failing us,
It’s always a result of
looking back
to each new
first kiss,
reaching for the
wisdom teeth
of our ghosts.


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