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There’s a time to come …

And a time to go. After three years of GC, I’m passing the Olympic fire to my co-editor-in-chief T.M. De Vos. I, Lena Vanelslander for all clarity, enjoyed my time with you. Which is saying a lot after three whole years, alone or in company of some very capable people. I laughed, I cried and I will follow the mag as much as I can …  But for me, it’s time to go and it’s time T. comes. There probably  will be some changes, but I know T. is capable and professional, and hopefully she will keep the Olympic fire burning, as it never should be spent.

Morituri te salutant ;).


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Poetry Issue # 149

“What happened to December’s issue?” You ask. You ask because you read poetry. You ask because you read poetry featured on Gloom Cupboard.

“I think the poetry editor guy is kind of batshit and inconsistent,” You say. You say this because you’re right, and if one wishes to subscribe to batshit crazines, let him or her be consistent with it. But, alas, the poetry editor is not.

December was a month of moving, a culmination of my junior year at California State University, Northridge. So some stuff fell through the cracks, one of which was releasing a poetry issue for the month. I apologize. But enough of that. In the immortal words of the Alien Poet Lil’ Wayne, “On to the next.”

In this month’s issue you will find poems about love and bullshit.

Gloom Cupboard Poetry Editors
Luis Rivas & HenryAjumeze

love in
By Steve Black

let us barricade ourselves in
let us hold eachother to ransom

let us stockpile guns and ammunition
let us prepare for armageddon

let us make our love on a bed of dust
let us gift the world our pornography (more…)

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