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In this issue we have poems from highly-educated individuals that waste their time writing poems, by and large for free.

But, hey, I aint hatin’.

On a serious note. I wish I would have received some Sept. 11, 1973 poems on the late President Salvador Allende of Chile and the US/CIA-backed coup d’état. Every year there seems to be an ideological struggle to bring awareness to this crime, which remains by far uncovered by mainstream media. Even before Sept. 11, 2001.

Irrespective of this, below you will find poems on adolescent arrogance, North Englander Bukowskians and your standard literary sadomasochists.

Yours truly,

Luis Rivas

Henry Ajumeze

Poetry Editors, Gloom Cupboard

When I was Younger
By Saleem Patterson

When I was a young man I fought against things I didn’t understand
Being a not so young, young man I fight less and understand more

I now know that a fight starts in the mind not in the bottle
That loneliness is just a feeling not a death sentence

I know that women will always hurt you if you let them

Family is just a word that can be attached to anyone

I know the sweetness of a fine whiskey when you have nothing else
I know that there is always something else

I know the sting of love lost
The relief of a woman’s touch when all she wants is you

sometimes it doesn’t matter what you know
cuz the feeling is just that much stronger


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