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Conceptually, this is one of the most unusual books I have ever read. We Bury the Landscape, by Kristine Ong Muslim, is a collection of 100 mini-stories based on works of visual art—paintings for the most part, but also drawings, and one photograph.

With the exception of William C. Tumley’s 1990 photograph of the environmental catastrophe that is the dried-up Aral Sea, all of the works of art are surrealist, at least in a loose sense. Dali, Ernst, and Magritte each have several works in the selection, as do more recent artists, such as Jacek Yerka and Jennifer Heffernan. (more…)

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In the Simpsons episode where Homer becomes a food critic, his love of food inspires a rave review of every restaurant he critiques. I worry that I may be the Homer Simpson of literary criticism, writing one glowing review after another.  However, like Homer, I am determined to find a way to expose the bad in everything I read. Fortunately or unfortunately, it won’t begin with Mitchell Jackson’s Oversoul. There are few, if any, unenthusiastic words to be said about this unusual collection.


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