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Poet, translator, and fiction writer Yuriy Tarnawsky is a founding member of the New York Group, a friend to the surreal, and a fond misanthrope. His newest collection, Short Tails (JEF Books/Civil Coping Mechanisms), from a festival of grotesquerie and the existential struggle, is populated by characters who, variously, absorb Lenin’s verbal and gustatory tics, shed skin and limbs and ligaments until reduced to a single eyeball, or discover that a long-dead father is pulling them into the grave by the jowls. In this fourth and long-overdue installment of “The New Xорошо,” I learn to read less deterministically and Tarnawsky invokes the absurd, leaves us with a phonological riddle, and reminds us that we’re all going to die.~T.M. De Vos


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The 1920’s and 30’s are two very different eras that depict themselves well in your work.  I find myself going from glamorous, inspiring and lively moods to very moody, ,modest, and misunderstood ones.  A purer example of this may be in two of your 2007 acrylic pieces, American Woman and Lonely Heart.  It seems like almost the same picture or woman, but extravagantly different.  How would you describe the relative difference in these two eras and decades in relation to your art? (more…)

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