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Poetry # 143

It’s Spring Break and I am reading pages and pages of poetry. Strangely enough though, it’s rewarding. I want you to think of underage drinking in Florida as boys and girls tan, listen to horrible techno music and ultimately and temporarily fall in love and subsequently contract STDs while you read these poems. The poems have nothing whatsoever to do with Spring Break but I like controlling your thoughts. Pick up the remote, throw it out the window.

Yours Gloomy,

Luis Rivas
Head Poetry Editor

By Barry Z. Niditch

That ex-landlord
was wiping
his moist white mustache
in a low pitched voice
smelling of beer
from his stolen school van
hands out
laced brownies
between his dirty palms
when we were ten,
always threatening
the poor neighbors
with “Do not go there”
once rumored to be
a religion editor,
crime reporter,
comic strip writer
in a defunct
yellow tabloid,
an extra in x rated
stag films,
a spy for the enemy
whoever it was
at the time,
once saying,
“Only men could appreciate
his movies,
Male War Bride
or Moby Dick,”
often sitting shoeless
exposing his Navy wounds
and Popeye sailor tattoos,
showing off
those knife collections,
the alley’s feral cat
his newspaper
and toe clippings
he saved
for anyone coming by.

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This is sneak preview of a working project about Eddie Slovik, a soldier executed for desertion in World War II, by BL Pawelek.  Enjoy!


January 31, 1945.

“It is too cold out there to shoot someone.”
Slovik heard the line from Morrisson and pressed deeper into his jacket, deeper into the corner of the barnhouse, deeper into this corner of the Vosges Mountains.
The military police had lost the keys to his handcuffs, and the metal dug a bit deeper. Blood before the blood.  They searched for a hacksaw to release his hands before walking outside. Nothing yet. There had been a blizzard for two straight days, burying this part of eastern France, stalling all business in the area. Almost stalling this business. There would be no practice. There would only be time for short prayers. (more…)

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The linguist at play…


Compendium/by Kristina Marie Darling/Cow Heavy Books

Kristina Marie Darling compends. She expouts. She uses palimpsest . She goes back and forth covering you compiling these stories.

In Compendium from Cow Heavy Books (2011), Darling uses simple stated facts throughout her fiction to bring the reader through the tale then feet flat on the ground, running.  (more…)

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