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On gray, windy and cold days like this in Los Angeles I think about blowing up buildings, running for president, rescuing all the animals that sit on death row at the local humanitarian purgatory, that some call by their more commonly known misnomers, shelters, and organizing elementary school children for an insurrection (they are the ones most negatively affected in society’s hierarchical web; why aren’t there armies of little kids patrolling the school ground, monitoring the staff, demanding the most up-to-date resources, demanding teachers impart the wisdom of pessimism, the philosophy of skepticism, the art of war). (more…)

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In our latest issue of creative non-fiction you are invited into the worlds of incorrigible plant clippers, worlds-removed and not-so-distant neighbours, called to witness what it was like living in the echo of NATO bombs falling on Serbia, and to understand the shifting plurality of identity in the digital age.  Each of these stories is as true as any word on a page may be.  Enjoy.


Alan Garvey


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Imagine the fragmented pattern that is created when a mirror is flung on a hard floor and shatters int a myriad of fragments. That was the visual metaphor that occurred to me when I read Attributes, a new collection of poems by Belfast-born Michael McAloran. (more…)

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