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Prose 126

Prose issue 126 brings you into the mind of those who live in a different world than the rest of us. Kick back and let Janice Soderling and Kim Bond take you to another place.

Planning For the Future

Janice Soderling

Waiting in the telephone queue to the call center, he had this idea for Plan B if Plan A didn’t work. He could teach a dog to do tricks—play dead, roll over, count to ten, or was counting something only horses did? He could hire the mutt out to producers of movies and TV shows.

Problem was, he didn’t have a dog.


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I’m intrigued by the animals you depict—the owl, the cat, the tyrannosaurus—and I’m curious as to what in these animals speaks to you. Are they avatars for a human quality, or do you instead admire their anatomy, their movement?

First, in summary, I paint to express something very internal, not always something I’m aware of, but I do start with a thought—an inspiration or something I need to say when I begin a piece.

The animal images come from many things. I am drawn to birds specifically, and animals that show emotion or strength: usually in their posture or their eyes. You ask about the dinosaur, which was done specifically for a band: there was no real emotion for me except to make it big and bright and strong-looking.


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