Interzones by Neil Rothstein

a terrible decision has been made, the outline of discovery made, intricacies, delaying the downfall, dream state and reality merging into one, dreams of murder by strangling, a view of violence and guilt, but still, a delay in proceedings causing anxiety in long distance trawler fishermen, although they certainly will deny this.a terrible decision has been  made by some imaginary presidential candidate.he or they or she or me has endured the usual definition of attitudes.i can’t count every leaf I  see from my window and I shouldn’t be made to do so.a incidental problem of everything, electioneering is basically all I hear.every face bears down upon me with hideous grace but with idiot calm.a tic in the face in the cheek in the eye in the mouth distracting me onwards into allies and valleys on hills and In abyss after abyss after abyssal plane, deeper I fell into the day, the hour, the moment when I was past the point of coming up for air, for breath, for light had vanished.

The disturbing certainty that each face has creases and valleys I  will always fall into, miniaturised and de-cantored like the worst of wines, a day will pass whilst I lurk, unhinged on the crevice betwixt nose and mouth waiting for de-realisation and waking, creased, bloodied, and encrusted in equatorial dust. I denied all of this of course when questioned, it didn’t seem relevant somehow. The faces that asked with their steel trap mouths and crisp, crisp shirts made of concrete and dried fruit insisted on answers as I swerved there attention, liquid pushing mass of pulped Formica people.

I was the interzone of improbable lust, narrowed eyes goading me onwards into the dark abyss of useless ideas.pushing bits of paper around marked and scrawled by idiot youths with cardboard dreams.

Steeling myself for the view from my eyes, I decided the underpass and the buildings had a definite sensual calm about them, straight lines not occurring in nature giving the curvature of the earth a problem, evolution an idea, openings of doorways reminding me of vaginal/oral trespass, the openings of windows, angle of arm against breast, spinal deformity a theme for my brain to digest.

Useless… … …

Published by peace is illegal

I am a writer of pornography, of politics and murder.

6 thoughts on “Interzones by Neil Rothstein

  1. Thankyou for the comments, grammatically i’m rubbish Anthony, i need to check more, i’m hasty, but thanks for the vote of confidence, and Lena ,ta love , i’ts nice to be here

  2. It’s worth mentioning that there are times that bad grammer, intentional or not (although it was my interpretation that this was on purpose) plays an important role in the piece’s overall message.

  3. True Luis, in this case I wanted a kind of stacatto feel, a stop start feeling, machinegun fire in a psychopathological world , ….

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