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Poetry #120

Poetry by Michael Ceralo, SJ Fowler, Ananya S. Guha, John Grey, Shannon Peil, Heather Reddy, Isaac Seal, Spiel, Tim Tomlinson, and Kanev Peycho

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Where are the signs and the writings on the wall in this age of no return? Where are the beasts that yell come and see, come and see? Where is the fire, the passion that burns in every artist’s heart? Visual but oh so real …

Gloom Cupboard supports the idea that all art should be part of the content of this magazine. All art, not just a fragment, as all artistic media and significance are interwoven to a very high degree. Isn’t graffiti literature too? One of the most underground expressions of the heart of an artist? And what about visual poetry?

And what about art? Art, art, art, …

That’s why we will start a series, Gloomscape, to highlight some very special artists in this time and era. Contemporary, burning, silent or exploding … Some you can already find under ‘The Artists’, some will come as a complete surprise. All we can say is, enjoy the view!


Gloom 101

Lena Vanelslander

And of course credit to the editor whose contribution is essential … Jude Dillon!

Submissions can be sent to gloomcupboard@hotmail.com

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Prose #119

Our 119th issue of prose fiction brings you truth.  If you could name yourself, what mask would you wear? If you could close your eyes to the world’s harsh truths, would you?  Just for a little longer?  Writers Richard Cody and Alireza Araghi ask those questions and show you what’s behind that curtain.



Richard Cody

I lost my childhood innocence in July of 1971 – the summer before my eleventh birthday.   I had no idea what innocence was until I lost it. Even if I had been somehow aware, I never would have guessed that such a thing could happen at the zoo.


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