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Poetry #119

Poetry by Alex Chornyj, Lisa Cole, Walter Conley, Michael McAloran, Helen Peterson, Valerie Poulin, Brandon S. Roy, satnrose, Medeia Starfire, and Stephen Williams


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The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #11

Jude Dillon Presents: Jessamyn Cuneo of San Francisco, California.

Bio: Jessamyn Cuneo is under your bed. No, wait, she’s in the closet. Or, she’s peeking in through your bedroom window. She likes to watch you read poetry in your pajamas.

Originally sprung from Boston soil, Jessamyn got her BFA at Emerson College. Soon after graduation she transplanted to Los Angeles to work for several magazines and enjoy the roller-coaster-by-the-beach life. When the So Cal lifestyle threatened to placate her into oblivion, she migrated to San Francisco, where she now spends her days writing fiction & poetry while completing an MFA in Creative Writing from California College of the Arts. Her poetry has previously found homes in Haggard and Halloo, Synergy and Mad Swirl.

photo credit Jason Crum


if one day
you learn how to play alone
come find me


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Prose #118

Issue 118 brings you darkness:  tales of strange murder, some noir, others naturally creepy.  Turn the lights down and let the words of Gina Smith, Jessica Seymour, and GC veteran Richard Godwin  raise your hair on end.  If you dare, come back for seconds of this issue’s Editor’s Pick for “Must Read Twice” by new-to-fiction writer Gina Smith.

Grandma’s Morphine

Gina Smith

The hospice people have us well-prepared. There is an order to dying, they explained. The first thing you will notice — and this is actually on a handout I have tucked into a copy of Glamour beside me — is that her feet will turn blue.


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