Joseph M. Gant reviews Quills of Fire (M. Campiz and L. Vanelslander)

Quills of Fire

Two women, worlds apart. Lena Vanelslander, writing from Ghent, Belgium and Marilyn Campiz, a writer from the United States and teaching in South Korea, come together in a fury of words spanning a whole of three weeks and birthing 139 pages of wonder titled “Quills of Fire.”

Spinning off of themes such as Jealousy, Letting Go, and simply X, these two writers trade poems, often times as in a waltz, other times a bloody duel. The authors’ voices are distinct yet complimentary throughout this book. “Quills of Fire” does not read like a collection of poems. Nor does it read like a compilation. A tale as engaging as any novel, this book propels you by uplifting yet grounded poems such as Rimbaud to Miller to Me by Campiz and Vanelslander’s poetry such as Life is overrated, penned with a subtly voiced sarcastic tone and of language well layered.

The execution of Lena Vanelslander and Marilyn Campiz’s abilities to approach a subject and trade poems off of each others progressing expressions is well done. “Quills of Fire” is a treat.

Joseph M. Gant

Quills of Fire
by Lena Vanelslander and Marilyn Campiz
ISBN: 978-1-4489-9793-0

Disclaimer: Joseph M. Gant is a neutral reviewer who is man enough to speak his mind. He has no notable personal connections towards the authors.

(A copy can be purchased from the author too for 15 euros. Send an email to for further information.)

Published by lenavanelslander

Lena Vanelslander swam many waters. History, Comparative Culture Analysis, Languages, Mythology, Literature, Poetry, too many to sum up. After a life of tribulations the turning point came in her mid twenties: she started to write actively poetry in English. Her melancholic and darkminded nature colour her poems to an individual signature in both time and space. Poems got published in the Stray Branch, Savage Manners, the Delinquent and The Sylvan Echo. Her first chapbook ‘Ma Chanson de Rien du Tout’ has been released in September this year. Her first book of poetry, written with Marilyn Campiz, Quills of Fire, will appear in November 2009. Currently she edits writers' profiles for and

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