The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #5

Jude Dillon presents: Ayla Newhouse, Photographer.

possible profil shot1
(C) Paul Kawai

Ayla Newhouse

As a designer, my photography is structured around line, colour, balance,
pattern, contrast, texture, layers and reflections. I see things that are
out of place, or hidden amongst the clutter of the urban environment. By
sorting, cropping and ‘designing’ what I see into each frame, I attempt to
document the conversation between people and the spaces they inhabit. I am
fascinated by the things we cannot see – the moments which are forgotten,
the stories untold, and the simple beauty that is otherwise invisible as we
pass by. and (a daily photo blog)










Published by lenavanelslander

Lena Vanelslander swam many waters. History, Comparative Culture Analysis, Languages, Mythology, Literature, Poetry, too many to sum up. After a life of tribulations the turning point came in her mid twenties: she started to write actively poetry in English. Her melancholic and darkminded nature colour her poems to an individual signature in both time and space. Poems got published in the Stray Branch, Savage Manners, the Delinquent and The Sylvan Echo. Her first chapbook ‘Ma Chanson de Rien du Tout’ has been released in September this year. Her first book of poetry, written with Marilyn Campiz, Quills of Fire, will appear in November 2009. Currently she edits writers' profiles for and

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