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I would like to remind a few people who submit here, not all of course, that the editorial crew of this journal works on a voluntarily basis. As all human beings they do not appreciate being insulted over their opinion. Moreover, if there is someone who can ask an editor to step down, it is and will be me. As all human beings they do desire to be treated with the same politeness as they treat you. I hope there will be no further occurences of this kind. If there are any problems, if you feel you have suffered injustice, you come to me (instead of calling one of my editors names)

After Richard and Greg, Stuart Sharp has stepped down.

I know someone will be thrilled about this, but it’s not me.

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Prose #109

Snow Angels

Ann Marie Byrd

We exploded out the aluminum storm door to icy freedom. A cluster of cooing feathers flew to the rooftops before we crossed the threshold. Hilda Dog hit the sidewalk first and chased any dawdling pigeons. My grandmother’s snowy backyard had lured us from her kitchen, heated to tropical temps and filled with aromas foreshadowing the day’s pastries, called kuchens (koo kens). I loved her apple and cinnamon kuchens. Rows of glazed sliced apples atop a sweet pastry, or butter-crumb cake sprinkled with cinnamon and confectioner’s sugar.


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The new editor …

… or because Jude insisted on using this photograph ;-).

Afbeelding 001

(C) Guido Van Bastelaere

Lena Vanelslander

I didn’t plan to publish this but as Jude insisted: “the Vermeer-like quality of this photograph cannot be ignored. It is moving, qualitative, taken by someone who knew what he was doing”.

This brief introduction on me will also announce one of the first changes in the magazine: the arts in the broadest sense of the word will be incorporated as much as possible. I can only quote this famous sentence: “you can keep something good but you can also make it great”


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Poetry – #110

New poetry by Amye Archer, Siobhan Ditty, Gary Hartley, Harmoni McGlothlin, Craig Podmore, and Lee Stern.


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The Dazzling Oppression of the Real #4

 Jude Dillon presents: John C. Goodman!


John C. Goodman



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For those who noticed and those who didn’t …

We could have taken the silent road … but we didn’t. With great pain and grief I announce the departure for personal reasons of our editor Richard Wink, who handed me the torch to keep the flame of unconventionality burning. Gloom Cupboard will not disappear (as so many journals already have), a very conscious choice of our friend Richard. Gratefull for this opportunity, I will do my best (and maybe more) to first of all maintain the quality of the journal and second of all introduce gradually some changes in the future … Alea jacta est.

Let’s make the best of it!


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Jaria Cecil Sowl: the unconventional one

Jariah Cecil Sowl, unconventional in life, love and writing, started writing after a deeply depressing event … Tribulations caused this writer to take on the writing skill or to put his talent into use … The tribulations may have gone by, but luckily his writing stayed, for you, for me, for the world … You may like his writing, you may dislike it, but one thing is for sure: he is talented. The author has published some pieces and is working on his first collection of poetry. Hopefully one day, soon, we can enjoy the published works of Jariah Cecil Sowl.

Short Bio

Jaria chose to withhold most personal data due to his privacy. Close ones are not aware of his writing and who are we to change that? Noone.

I have a 27 poem book that I am trying to self-publish called ‘Square Tree’, you can find the first 3 chapters on my blogspot,  http://www.jariacecilsowl.blogspot.com/ and if you are interested in reading more I am selling copies for 8 dollars.  My email address is abstractpictures@hotmail.com. Thank you,


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