Fire and Rain (Vol I) by RD Armstrong

Poets can express a lot in few words and a little in a lot of words … Since the first kind appeals most to my mind most poetry I will appreciate is short, to the point, brief, concise and preferably with wit or irony. But to quote R.M. Engelhardt on this matter: ‘there is still so much more to say’ … And for once, or twice, I must agree with him. Fire and Rain Vol. I by Raindog Armstrong proves it. Be it a pearl of a poem, be it a good poem, what matters is what is said, the images invoked, the thoughts of one who observes society from his own, rather exceptional, perpective, … A world of ideas is brought to you, worthy to be read, familiar to some, and a journey, a discovery for most in the mind of an outsider. Not only a journey through the mind, but also in time and mentality as the book (Vol I and II) covers Raindogs’ best work from 1993 to 2007. Interesting to say the least, exceptional to say the most. I can only recommend a book of poetry like this, maybe a bit less focused on form, but all the more interesting and thoughtprovoking in content. Few poets will be able to present a collection of 15 years of poetry in a similar qualitative collection, combining it’s own sense of beauty in expression and especially the evolving ideas from an outsider on a specific era in time.

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4 thoughts on “Fire and Rain (Vol I) by RD Armstrong

  1. I honestly fail to realise why nobody has left a comment here exclaiming what a fabulous and vital resource this is. The many links here are fascinating, so now I shall be wandering about on and off as I have now had this site added to my specific favourites.
    I for one am delighted to have stumbled across ‘GLOOM CUPBOARD’, and wish you all every success in moving this project forward. Thankyou for creating this site and it’s many links. Well done…
    kindest regards etcetera

    [dictated – not read]

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