Antisocial by David Blaine

There were times you had to turn to the classics to find good poetry. There where times you needed to turn to names like Ginsburg, Bukowski, Leonard Cohen, … to find a challenge for the mind. All for the sake of finding those few genial sentences that could enlighten your mind.

Now there is a time you can read David Blaine’s ‘Antisocial’, a newly appeared chapbook with Outsider Writers: it ravishes the mind completely. ‘All has been said before’, a slogan so greedily used the last few decades, proves to be wrong. With eye for detail, a huge sensitivity, an original approach and a deep sense of absurdity the author relates his story, his truth to the reader. From his own rather cynical point of view he presents us life as it is, avoiding the infamous pitfall of bitterness. And truth it is …

Do you want to read a delicious chapbook of contemporary poetry and contribute to the emergence of an extremely talented writer? Read ‘Antisocial’ by David Blaine. A copy can be purchased at for a very reasonable price. Enjoy! I know you will, I know I have …

2 thoughts on “Antisocial by David Blaine

  1. Wow…makes me want to read the book…if it is as "delicious" as the review…I will be well pleased…

    Nice Lena


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