Out of the Cupboard #9

Presenting: Andrew Taylor


A heartbeat, a dawning of process.
Let’s ride it until the formal eyes
tune in, absorb the light of newness.
I’ll take a hold, engage like

the first breath after coma.

Insight, she forms desire like crystal.
Throughout orange age, she glows
fire-like, I feel the heat of the sunrise
and what transpired during

the only moment we were alone.

Desperation, through communication.
Enticed by leaf sodden roads, and sleep
journeys planned with lack of agents, I
feel the loss like those who spent

six days at the bottom of the ocean.

Coastal, a dividing line. I picture your
tracks, parallel to shared dreams and
the shores of distance from where I’d
steer us away from the notion of


Year’s end, advent. Darkness and
tiredness. Boulevards entice,
though discussion watches what I write,
when all along, I want to walk with

your hand in mine.

(with grateful thanks and acknowledgements to Explosions In The Sky; Chris, Michael, Munaf and Mark)



Consecrate The Pavement With Spilt Coffee

The Square seems glorious this morning
despite words inlaid without regard
the magic of coloured water like Christmas

Stereo from mono delay on traffic and voice
regard for future generations
clear through University Precincts

A longing for snowscape streets
watch them slip on ‘clever’ ice
weather gathers on Red Between rusting

like railways over the holidays fruit rolls
matched by clever words
in the gutters of the original Williamson Square



Ten Years Ago the Passport was Issued

Stubble fields unturned flash of the Midlands
countryside Tamworth Julian Cope railtrack
placed rusted still unworn
Notes on a train scandal on a train
filling up the paper in a Filofax

Leaving of Liverpool travel is dangerous
for the stressed
Lime Street roof reflected rays on floor
Central Trains
10.52 to Norwich platform 9 adjacent
to the London train
AMT Coffee Kiosk gone
yet the station’s open plan
re-design is good the place seems much brighter and bigger

Backwards through the South London landscape
towards the Kent countryside built up rows of
houses gives way to hemmed in parkland then sloping
fields shorn stubble horizon broken
by pylons hills covered in the greenery of trees

Eurostar quiet chatter of the English
hushed tones of the French the espresso
taken at Waterloo International offers
a clear perspective despite the tiredness

Gard du Nord at peak time
new system new thought
‘New rift over Diana tribute’

Ten years ago the passport was issued
first experience Chelsea Hotel lobby rooms
too expensive Lexington Avenue chosen then the apartment
on Bleeker in the sun calls home homesick
‘So sorry for your Princess’ ‘She wasn’t my Princess’
Getting change in a grocery store
and hazelnut coffee at Austin’s.

To Europe ten years on Waterloo to Calais to Paris
Julie Delpy’s favourite journey

Cete Duvel brassée avec des ingredients 100% naturels

backwards on Duvel darkness temperature rising
iPod shuffle I believe it is Ryan Adams

Au revoir Waterloo International
Bonjour St Pancras International 14 November 2007
six days before my Father’s birthday

I’m thinking of Otoliths and the kindly editor
who published ‘Temporary Residence’ then
sent a copy from Australia

Arrival in France ‘Welcome to France’
easier for some more difficult for others



Hut Painting

Outside the hut is being painted
by a solitary man
it suits the type of day clear
and of autumnal preparation

Reindeer eat a special moss
that works like antifreeze
I think I’ll stick to coffee

Along the lane construction continues
home building on old farmyards
a robin seeks berries from hedgerows

I really shouldn’t have worn this heavy coat

Lanes contained by wood
church bells a Wednesday toll
retired men mow lawns
an afternoon route altered a modification

A cat sits in the doorway of the fishmongers

At Three Lanes End Farm
the cows sit aware of removal
swallows perch on wire

The local is the only universal – WCW

Cityscape and edifice
give rise to a new form of meaning

sometimes the animals and the buildings
are more important than the people

Inside spiders are seeking shelter
they prefer warmth on cooler nights



Just to Breathe is Enough

anyone living in England right now is so strawberried under the bursting rainclouds…. it’s going to bring such a bumper harvest!

Woodpecker bouncers
follow lavender carrying fawns
hop! skip! jump!
the laurel bush hurdle
en route to town

Such brotherly bellringers
these mayflies their dance
sparkles and zips across
tawny scapes stars crackle

The garden at evening
full of worldly delights
under the aged Chestnut
two empty recliners

home to insects at night

shaded thought once
recreation protection from
dawn light fear

a blown wish for happiness
sighted in balloon reflection

drenched deep pools
a strange longing
like a village hall wedding
cascading waterfalls iced
city streets and shelter

of fallen Autumn leaves

with acknowledgements to Nick Heyward




A Chosen time for the perfect kiss
(for Misti Rainwater-Lites)

Seek ingredients to bake
tortuga tart ingredients to
write a poem a request

Such sweet delight!

Depending on the
intended usage of
the ganache the proportions
of chocolate to cream can vary

The frosted beater
nails bitten to the quick
I see opportunity for
an ample roll in shaded
Autumnal fields sheets
unnecessary amongst
the bales

Crunch underfoot of the miraculous

Vacancy of car-park love
fingers entwined waking
dreams of terrorists
chosen time for the perfect kiss

Digital transmission
of the recipes docked
via the ether the poem
is stored and sent



Questions and Answers

Q)I suppose it is important to mention that there are already links between yourself and Gloom Cupboard through erbacce press who publish the Print Editions. To avoid accusations of this feature being another one of those literary circle jerks, associations aside why do you choose to submit your poetry to online zines such as this one?
AT)Ha yeah, I guess it’s important to mention that, though I was aware of Gloom Cupboard before our association. I know what you mean though. There seems to be a plethora of both print and online zines that feature the same writers, but if a house style develops there is a certain justification I guess. There is an amazing amount of great quality online zines such as Gloom Cupboard, and I think as a poet, it is important to get the work out there. These zines I feel are the second wave of the small press and as such need to be embraced.

Q)Like many British writers (myself included) you have an interest in American writers, particularly those who arrived from the counter culture period of the fifties and sixties, what made you gravitate towards writers such as Ginsberg, Kerouac and Bukowski?
AT)I think this interest developed when studying the poetics of these writers when studying for my MA in Writing Studies. From studying the poetics I developed a wider appreciation for the work. I came to Bukowski first then Ginsberg through Kerouac, who I feel is much under-rated as a poet. Also the wider reading that came from studying for a PhD contributed towards an interest in the beats.

Q)Are there any contemporary poets around that particularly excite you?
AT)As an editor yourself you know the pitfalls of the submission pile! But, there are an amazing amount of superb poets out there. Poets such as Misti Rainwater-Lites, William Taylor JR, AD Winans are among the US poets that I really admire. Closer to home, Robert Sheppard, Ursula Hurley, Ashley Welch and Cliff Yates are those whose work I try to keep up on.

Q)You also perform poetry, do you have any horror stories of a night going wrong?
AT)I only perform intermittently, usually as an invited guest. This helps with the organisational side of things. Most of my readings have gone smoothly (thankfully) but I’m crossing my fingers saying that as I’m launching my new chapbook tonight at The Engine Rooms in Skelmersdale!

Q)Music appears to be an important part of your life, has it influenced your writing?
AT)Indeed. Music has certainly influenced my writing. I recently had three poems in a Catalyst Press publication edited by Misti Rainwater-Lites called ‘Jukebox’. The idea was to write three poems using titles by bands. I chose ‘Walking in my Shoes’ by Depeche Mode, ‘The Figurehead’ by The Cure and ‘The Fox in the Snow’ by Belle and Sebastian. A great idea and I’m proud to have been included. Often song lyrics will appear in a poem or ideas from the lyrics that have wedged in my head will appear somewhere. Sometimes though, I listen to the so-called post-rock bands like Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky to ease myself into the mode.

Q)You live in Liverpool, the current European Capital of Culture, what has the city got to offer for those who are considering visiting aside from Anfield and the Cavern Club?
AT)Liverpool is a great city whether it is Capital of Culture or not. I remember being in a band in Liverpool in the 1980s, there were loads of bands, so many, that gigs were on every night. They also had gigs on at the Cavern every lunch-time. Being an Evertonian I wouldn’t visit Anfield obviously, but aside from the football and the Cavern, Liverpool has an extremely vibrant arts and poetry scene. Add that to the fantastic buildings, recently restructured city-centre and you have what I think is a great destination.

Q)What is coming up for Andrew Taylor in the second half of 2008?
AT)Hopefully more appearances in magazines/online zines and generally pushing my new collection that has recently been published by Sunnyoutside Press. Erbacce-press is publishing an anthology of Liverpool Poets which I appear in (Note: the collection was not edited by me) and I will be sorting the reading/launch out that is scheduled to happen in Liverpool in the Autumn.

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