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Claire Askew
Coming in to land.

You know when you’ve begun
to fall, sometimes, from the strange static –
the second when your head
feels wholly invisible;
elegant glass tank
for the fat, ugly fish
of your brain. (more…)

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Presenting: Ben Barton


my pen is my weapon
a limb of

my sharpened tongue
Here to set wagging

all your dirty
little secrets

Everything you have
tried to forget

I play them
Little scenes in my head

over and over.

I remember.


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Presenting: Andrew Taylor


A heartbeat, a dawning of process.
Let’s ride it until the formal eyes
tune in, absorb the light of newness.
I’ll take a hold, engage like

the first breath after coma. (more…)

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Presenting: Peycho Kanev

picture of a dog

someday she will look exactly
like my body
and then I will not be able
to love myself
I will be old dog blind
of old age
and if this happens
I will say;
my Heart is a dead cat
the bitch of my night
drags the dogs of my days
while I read Dylan Thomas
and watch on the roof across the street
1 cat between the winter’s pigeons.


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Justin Hyde
wait long enough

you realize
nobody has a skeleton key
to the starving one winged bluebird
babbling and
smearing its own faeces
on the walls of your heart.

or if there is a somebody
it’s probably a
fourteen year old lebanese hooker
shackled to a sink
in an executive bathroom
somewhere in china,

or a ninety year old
scandinavian glass blower
about to be hit by a bus
in estonia,

or a one eyed
pygmy princess
sacrificed to the gods
three hundred years ago.

wait long enough
you give up on the concept
completely, (more…)

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something, i dunno #1

Jack Henry
rantings of a delusional mind

i can’t think of what to write.

for years i have wanted to write a column on the various odds and ends of life that i experience, little melodies of life that i find interesting and worth note, and now, like my sex life, i am flaccid.

it seems easy. (more…)

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Presenting: A.D. Winans


Drummed out of the infantry of death
I came back to you carrying the
Poems of my soul
Opened the door of life
And found only death inside

I have read the state of the union
And listened to the state of the economy
By statesmen in a state of hysteria (more…)

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