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Joseph Scorselo
Untitled – You

You are awake. Your lids are closed. You see a dense, opaque, and orange fog. The lights are on. There is no sound. Nothing is automatic. Action depends on thought and command. The slow-motion transfer of information from mind to body consumes all that is left of life. Your struggle to peel back the lids and reveal your eyes succeeds, but only leaves you blinded by the painful light. You resist and attempt retreat, but your lids fail to close. Your focus is switched on. A mountainous range of bed sheets blurs and dissipates into a hot yellow light. Your vision clears, and your eyes trace sharp white peaks along the horizon. You are horizontal. You are lying in a bed. (more…)

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Aleathia Drehmer

I am folded
into this neat
of newly adopted
friends of friends.
they lend
into my hands
that I will surely
take for granted.


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Juliana Vargas
And In The Gloom

Smoked air
Smells of burning maple
Leaves at my feet
Air so crisp
Nose red as apples (more…)

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