Andrew Taylor
They Say That You See Great Things From The Valley, And Small Things From The Peaks

If you can see the peaks at all through the cloud
this greenness seems unnatural
I expect city and smog which may
be what shrouds the peaks

I love this street when the lights twinkle at dusk

It spreads for miles interrupted by Krispy Kreem
Peets and fourteen screen cinemas
I long for Long’s and American drugstore
packaging that glows

with the hills in the distance and the roof down

Ponder Laura those songs of ether and the icebound
stream Keith with survival packs stowed
I prefer the Anchor and the Nevada
bottle conditioned

there is no place on earth like it



Po part

This universal a particular
such oppositional strategies
the open road is shared by strangers
a fifty year automobile mantra

In spite of convention not
because of it craft negates
whether a piece of work succeeds
culture as industry

no social explosiveness here
such spontaneity its virtue
equals Kid A’s admittance of its failure
is this serious Art?

a deadly engagement to question
authenticity is a freedom
misunderstood will we meet in death?

a possibility in context of impossibility
explicit drama implicit in such

Devotion of the patient a self loathing
troupe dollars for cents money
for pleasure

No perverse failure of courage this is
a fair exchange panic attacks
and cultural barter

Culture and corporate life world
entwined air brushers of
history reprehensible commodity

Dissonant waves of orchestra
an ultimate reprise
of purpose relationships bound

technology and its technical rationality
co-operation of corporations
blindness abounds in false consciousness



Rob Plath
time’s boots

saddest thing
in the
to me
time’s feet

the neverending
of those




Stephen Hines
from where I’m standing

he is at the bottom of the hill
by the water he is sick
has been for some time
he wears his illness like a jacket
someone else’s jacket he took
by mistake at a restaurant
at a bar at a cinema
ill fitting and uncomfortable and
definitely not his jacket
but he wears it anyhow
because he has to wear something
in this weather.




upon days upon days
same upon stillsame upon
nothing but stillsame and
same would be better
if it wasn’t.

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