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Andrew Taylor
They Say That You See Great Things From The Valley, And Small Things From The Peaks

If you can see the peaks at all through the cloud
this greenness seems unnatural
I expect city and smog which may
be what shrouds the peaks

I love this street when the lights twinkle at dusk (more…)

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Echezona Udeze
On Her

My room is cold
i ponder you in time and
you control all space

are you a model
stuck together by my reoccurring
or another flimsy vision (more…)

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David LaBounty
The Age of Forgiveness and No Compassion

it’s usually a customer a day
that tells me he’s moving
out of state and leaving the
wife and kids behind to
try to sell the house
even though the market
in Michigan has been all
but destroyed as so many
factories have shut down
and moved overseas (more…)

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