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Chris Major

Head split,
eye a swollen
pussy plum;
manic mood measured
in bloody cuts
that graduate bare arms.
Teeth, a row
of bombed houses
that snap and tear
at biceps.
This local legend,
the worst self-harmer
most have seen,
has for 2 hours been
in 3 to 1 restraint.
The best we can do,
a world of modern medicine
reduced to this impasse:
a person each arm
and one on the legs-
her top and jeans
parting like lips,
G-string delivering
the room’s only why……


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Steven Ruel

greyerie mon(th)ochrome
yet deviously unchromatic,
arrowmatic soggenly
kennethjoying firm’s menagement
fiscallion rap-fist
ear(ie) Leo-lobe
caffeinated arm-charge
armoire is perpetual (more…)

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Simon Friel
ghosts’ stories

what was the best part of all this.
how was it that we ever even got to be here.
we’ve been together for such a long time now
but for the life of me i fail to remember how it was again that we met.

you wore an oscillating green outfit and i played a flute and sold hamburgers from the back of a caravan whilst you competed in the 27th international hula hoop championships on the Norfolk Broads as fireworks played war games that resounded forever in our ears. (more…)

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Greg Oguss

And then the people spoke. Rising up with great passion, energy and…er, passion, the nation finally came together to kick ol’ Spittoon Face out of the White House after three consecutive terms in office. Twelve long years marked by corruption, cronyism, and creeps and liars all the way to the top and foreign wars blundered into that made one long for the days of a Vietnam-sized mess. But Ol’ Spittoon—or “El Crap-o” as he was known in the barrio—every time the pundits pronounced him a political corpse, well, that was just when he would pop up out of the casket and surprise us all by pulling out another squeaker. His ever-enthusiastic “base”—or those on a first-name basis with the All-Mighty—even managed to get Congress to enact a law overturning the long-standing two-term limit for the Big Cheese. Or was it they got enough states to ratify a new Constitutional Amendment? The details slip the author’s mind at the moment. Regardless, this cleared the way for Spittoon’s—or Mr. Grumpety Grump’s, as he was known around campus—history-making third term. And then the people spoke. Delivering a powerful mandate of 50.1% of the popular vote for the boyishly handsome President-Elect Dudley. Or “Just Plain Ned,” as he insisted on referring to himself in that charmingly self-deprecating Southern way of his. Despite being a former two-term Governor himself. So often did he use this little gambit on the campaign trail that some media wags quickly dubbed him JPN. (more…)

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