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Louis Jagger
Quick, Whilst Popular Music Isn’t Looking!

I: Now’s Our Chance

We words upspring,
Slow-dance, then sing,
Cavort beneath the clouds.
As music sips
Its lunch-hour drips
Our brittle page unfolds.
This art is crass,
And substanceless;
It doesn’t leave a scar.
Our simple role:
To fill a hole
Surrounded by guitar.
With twenty-one consonants
And E-O-U, I aim east,
Seeking to tell a story
Sung-plucked from the gut of
Innovation’s ancient wire, when
One sound made all the
Difference, one sound more
Than echoes here. Modulation,
Refraction, interlapping secrets
Rouse the cochlea, dumb-stepping
Advance into timbre, oak and balsa
Shelves to put CD-cases on, has a
Tool that plays according to its groove:
Music shaft rotates now as axle,
Humvee careens through ball-
Game, shaped about a whirly wave
Unflinchingly infinite, chorus-girls
Repeat three times for all time, spiced
To order, served
As heard.
We don’t do that. We began
When life began
Eighty seconds yet. (more…)

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